Tony Marquez, CFP®

Senior Vice President | Wealth Advisor | Kansas City -- Tony is a Certified Financial Planner and has his master’s degree in Finance. Tony strives to be the expert, resource, and advocate that clients deserve when navigating a complex financial world. Prior to joining GreenUp Wealth Management in October of 2021, Tony worked as a Financial Advisor for a large financial services firm. There, he gained expertise in a variety of areas including financial planning, social security and retirement income strategies, college savings, and investment management.

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Tony Marquez, CFP®

Will a Roth IRA Conversion Reduce Your Taxes?

What is a Roth IRA Conversion, and should you consider it? Three tax benefits of a Roth Conversion are reducing future income taxes, leaving retirement savings to heirs tax-free, and reducing the percentage of your Social Security benefits that are taxed. Watch the...

Spousal Social Security Benefits

Spousal Social Security benefits provide financial support to married individuals who may not have earned enough Social Security benefits on their own, or have lower benefits compared to their spouse’s. In this video Tony Marquez, Senior Vice President and Wealth...

Should You Delay Social Security Benefits?

Transcript: Hi, I’m Tony Marquez, Senior Vice President and Wealth Advisor with GreenUp Wealth Management.  You may have heard that it’s best to delay taking Social Security benefits if you can afford to. In this video I’m going to cover the differences between...

Should You Take Social Security Early?

Transcript: Hi, I’m Tony Marquez, Senior Vice President and Wealth Advisor with GreenUp Wealth Management.  Have you ever thought about taking Social Security early instead of waiting until full retirement age? In this video I’m going to discuss what you should...

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