Daniel Greulich, CFA, CFP®

Chief Investment Officer | Wealth Advisor | Ann Arbor, MI -- Daniel leads our Investment Committee and partners with Aaron Kirsch, Chief Client Advocacy Officer to design and implement client portfolios with your advisor. Daniel brings 14 years of practical experience as a trader, financial advisor, and money manager at both large and mid-sized financial services companies to GreenUp Wealth Management. In addition, he holds a CFP® designation and is also a CFA charterholder. This combination of experience and knowledge helps Dan confidently guide his clients through the development, execution and monitoring of their customized financial plans.

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Daniel Greulich, CFA, CFP®

Wage Inflation

Wage increases allow workers to increase or maintain their standard of living, which is usually good for the economy. However, wage increases can also contribute to inflation. How can this happen? Watch this latest video by GreenUp’s Chief Investment Officer Daniel...

Market Minute: The Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet

Transcript: Hello, I’m Daniel Greulich, Chief Investment Officer at GreenUp Wealth Management. Today, we’ll take a look at the Federal Reserve's balance sheet and how it impacts inflation.   The Federal Reserve's balance sheet is a record of its assets and...

Q1 2023 Market Commentary “Fixing the Cracks”

Cosmetic or Structural? Like many of you, I have lived in multiple houses. One of these houses was old. So old in fact, that on the county property assessor’s website, the property was listed as "Built in: Old" (as public records in the area only went back to...

Market Minute:
The Yield Curve

Transcript: Hello. I’m Daniel Greulich, Chief Investment Officer at GreenUp Wealth Management. As the Federal Reserve debates whether to raise short term interest rates, I would like to take some time to talk about all treasury yields or the yield curve. In simple...

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